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Pirate Sites Got Shutdown; Animation Studios to release Free anime on YouTube




Anime fans, despite the recent bad news with regards to the shutdown of Animate Pirate Sites, there’s a better news just yet. Big anime studios in Japan unite to provide free and official anime streaming channel on the YouTube platform.

With the expansion of the Japanese copyright protection law that aims to ban pirated manga downloads, many popular anime streaming websites got shutdown recently such as the official Kissanime website along with other Kissanime mirror sites.

Snapshot of Kissanime’s official website shutdown by DMCA

Visiting KA sites will welcome you with this message “All files are taken down by copyright owners. The site will be closed forever. Thank you for your supports.”

Even the Kissasian website which allows streaming of drama and shows for free got shutdown.

Kissasian shutdown by ABS-CBN due to copyright infringement

These aggressive move by media companies and studios are due to the fact that big studios are losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of pirated streaming websites.

Anime fans would surely miss the biggest library of free anime content.

The Good News

Wait! What if streaming of anime content would be made free for everyone and most importantly โ€”shared legally.

Here’s what the AnimeLog, an official YouTube streaming channel which just got recently launched, aims to provide for anime fans.

Some of the biggest studios such as Toei Animation and Kodansha, studios behind Akira and Dragon Ball, unite to bring their titles to more outreach.

Tezuka Productions, Nippon Animation, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, and Shinei Animation studios also joined these two powerhouses in an effort to achieve the said goal.

According to Variety, Japan’s top animation studios have united to create this free and official anime streaming channel available on YouTube that aims to have around 3,000 titles available to watch within this year joined by 30 companies.

“There exists a problem of illegal video distribution service these days, but ‘AnimeLog’ will distribute only officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together,” the company said in a statement.

Check out the official channel on YouTube and let us know what you think with this news or share this with your friends!

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YouTube content creator, Emman Nimedez passes away




(UNANGBALITA) โ€” Emman Nimedez, a Filipino YouTube star, content creator, actor, has lost his battle against cancer.

Emman Nimedez has passed away earlier today August 16, 2020, confirmed by his girlfriend Peachy Santos on a Facebook post.

“Our beloved Emman Nimedez joined our Creator at 1:00 am today, August 16, 2020, Sunday. He was with his family during the time of his passing at St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City.

Our family is thankful to everyone who offered prayers and showed support.

Funeral details will be announced in the next days. We hope everyone will respect the family’s privacy to mourn the passing of Emman. Thank you.”

Peachy santos, emman nimedez official facebook page

The announcement was made public 6 hours ago in the official Emman Nimedez Facebook page.

Our beloved Emman Nimedez joined our Creator at 1:00am today, August 16, 2020, Sunday. He was with his family during the…

Posted by Emman Nimedez on Saturday, 15 August 2020

The YouTube content creator battled against acute myeloid leukemia โ€” a type of blood cancer that starts in one’s bone marrow.

Emman Nimedez Vlog “Kailangan Na Ulit Bumalik”

Emman Nimedez didn’t hide his battle to his fans and even mentioned on his previous vlogs that he’s doing his best to stay strong and at the same time he’s also preparing for what could possibly come.

โ€œHayaan niyo lang akong isama kayo dito sa laban na ito. Para maipakita na rin sa inyo na lahat ng ibabato sa ating hamon, lahat ng ibabato sa ating pagsubok, kakayanin, basta diretso lang ang tingin natin sa buhay at tsaka positibo tayo, (Allow me to bring you with me in this battle. So we can show to everyone that whatever challenges we face, we can bear, as long as we keep looking forward and keep a positive mindset.),โ€ the content creator said on his vlog.

“Sobrang nakakalungkot and hinayang. Salamat sa lahat men and sa pagpapasaya sa mga tao so much talent and kindess and meron tong taong to.”, Jhanelle Frances Trias said.

RIP Emman Nimedez๐Ÿ’” ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐ŸปSobrang nakakalungkot and hinayang ๐Ÿ˜ญ Salamat sa lahat men and sa pagpapasaya sa mga tao so much…

Posted by Jhanelle Frances Trias on Saturday, 15 August 2020

Vien Iligan also shared her last tearful conversation with Emman hoping him a good health and steadfast recovery.

Emman, Ninong Emman, Kumpare at Tols Nawalan kami ng kapatid at kaibigan. Pinagsamasama mo kami lahat kanina, hindi…

Posted by Vien Iligan on Saturday, 15 August 2020

“Nawalan kami ng kapatid at kaibigan. Pinagsamasama mo kami lahat kanina, hindi namin inaasahan na sa ganyan ka namin makikita at makakasama. Palagi kami inuupdate ni peachy sa kalagayan mo sabi niya okay kana eh. Man, eto na wala ka ng mararamdaman na kahit anong sakit. Malaya kana na sakit na nararamdaman mo. Magpahinga kana. Hindi namin papabayaan si Daddy Louie at Peachy. We love you emman.” said Vien Iligan.

A lot of fans, family and friends of the famous YouTube star, Emman Nimedez, mourns and are saddened by his passing.

May you rest in peace Emman, “idol”, “oppa”, “legendary emman” cried by his fans and supporters online.

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Sinabi ni Nas Daily sa kapwa vlogger na si Wil Dasovich: Hindi kailangang maging isang masamang bagay ang Balita




Ang isang Filipino-American vlogger na si Wil Dasovich ay lumitaw sa pinakabagong podcast ng kanyang kaibigan at kapwa tagalikha ng nilalaman na si Nuseir Yassin, na mas kilala bilang Nas Daily.

Nas Talks | Podcast on Spotify
Image credit to NasTalks // Spotify

Sa ikalawang yugto ng “Nas Talks,” tinalakay ng dalawa ang positibo at negatibong mga aspeto ng vlogging, pati na rin ang mga tagalikha ng nilalaman ng online na nagiging mapagkukunan ng balita at impormasyon.

Sa isang sandali, naitala ni Yussein ang kamakailang pag-shutdown ng ABS-CBN dahil inaasahan niyang makuha ang mga pananaw ni Dasovich sa bagay na ito.

“Recently, the Philippines literally canceled the biggest media company in the country. ABS-CBN or something, correct?” tanong niya, kung saan tumugon si Dasovich sa “oo.”

Nas Daily explores podcasting on Spotify โ€“ Back End News
Image credit to @NasDaily // Instragram

Ang vlogger ng Israel ay nagpatuloy: “I don’t know what happened, I don’t want to get into the specifics on why it happened. Actually, I don’t know why it happened. But essentially, the CNN of the Philippines was literally canceled… so now where do you go for information? “

Matapos sabihin na maraming mga tao sa Pilipinas ang kumokonsumo sa online na nilalaman, sinabi ni Dasovich kay Yussein na hindi siya na-update sa mga kasalukuyang kaganapan dahil gumawa siya ng isang malay-tao na pagsisikap na lumayo sa mga balita at politika.

“I just have to stay more away from politics. I kind of have a golden rule, it’s I try to limit and not talk about politics because you’re always going to upset a huge group of people,” paliwanag niya.

Itinuturo ni Yussein, gayunpaman, na si Dasovich ay nakatrabaho na niya sa isang “pampulitika” na proyekto, at binibigyang diin na ang politika at balita ay hindi laging negatibo.

“Wil, I’m going to stop you right there because you already did talk about politics. How do I know that? Because we partnered together on a project, it’s the Taiwan project. That is politics. That is information, where you uploaded a video where we were talking about Taiwan’s response to coronavirus. That’s not divisive politics, that’s good news. But that is still news which you have done, “aniya.

“”And that’s fine, right? News doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” sinabi niya kay Dasovich. “Just to clarify, when I talk about news I don’t just say the bad things. I mean like, I learn something about the world from you. If you want to make it positive, then it’s positive. If you want to make it negative, then it’s negative. “

Pinaalalahanan ni Yussein si Dasovich na siya ay “a news channel whether you like it or not,” noting his wide reach as a content creator, and encouraged him to use his platform to both inform and entertain. 

Ngunit muling sinabi ni Dasovich na mas pipiliin niya ang “pagiging masaya,” at may kinalaman sa paglilimita ng kanyang pagkakalantad sa balita.

“Okay, this is my take. I am very mindful and aware of how things affect me and my emotions. And I noticed that the more I watch the news or follow the news, it makes me more sad. And I want to do everything that I can to be happy because, simply put, when I’m happy, I’m able to transfer that energy to everyone who watches me and be happy. The easiest way to make the people around you happy is to be happy yourself, so I limit the news as much as possible,”aniya.

“Yes, I may talk about the news every now and then when you need to, but me in creating content, I really try and keep it light,” patuloy niya. “Because at the end of the day, I believe that people come to watch my videos because they want to rest and relax and be stress-free for 10 minutes.”

Ang nagpapatuloy na pag-aaway ay nagpatuloy habang sinabi ni Yussein na “hindi siya masyadong” hindi sumasang-ayon kay Dasovich at tinawag siyang “isang nakasisilaw na channel ng balita.”

Sinabi niya sa vlogger ng Filipino-Amerikano: “Kapag may nangyari sa iyong bansa, mapipilitan kang pag-usapan ito. Kung ang Pilipinas ngayon ay nagdeklara ng digmaan sa Tsina, at idineklara ng China ang giyera sa Pilipinas, hindi ka na makakakuha at gumawa ng isang vlog na nagsasabing, ‘Kumusta guys, maglaro tayo ng mga video game.’ Hindi ko ito nakikita. Imposible. “

“So you’re essentially, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a dormant news channel,” aniya, habang sumasagot si Dasovich nang may maikling pagtawa. “You’re like an inactive news channel right now. But I’m willing to bet $10,000 right now that if, God forbid, some major event happens like a tsunami or a war or an earthquake or whatever, you are going to become a news channel.”

“A news channel for good, right, but nonetheless to tell the news.”

Sa huli, sumang-ayon si Dasovich sa mga puntos ni Yussein na “100%,” ngunit sinabi nya na “he will cross that bridge when it comes.”

Makinig sa dalawang tagalikha ng nilalaman dito, kasama ang isyu sa mga vlogger bilang mga mapagkukunan ng balita at impormasyon na nagsisimula sa marka ng 25:00.

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